Management Consultancy

ELESMA offers consultancy and management solutions to a wide area of businesses including aviation, ground services, hospitality, catering, property and other service based companies.

As dedicated Management Consultants, Elesma will analyse and monitor the strategy, structure, management and operations of your company. By liaising closely with your directors and managers and gaining an understanding of your business, we can help your organisation to operate more efficiently and to increase in value.

If you are considering selling your business or merging with another organisation, we can help to make your company into a more attractive and more valuable business concern. Our input and guidance can help your organisation to create value, maximise growth, improve performance and bring the company into line with the most up to date business standards.


  • consideration and analysis of business strategy
  • HR and employment health check
  • financial and management issues and controls
  • contract analysis and appraisal
  • customer analysis and streamlining
  • marketing; interview, management team and other stakeholders
  • preparation of business proposals and presentations
  • creation and updating of compliance policy
  • implementation of compliance procedures
  • identify issues and find solutions
  • presentation of findings and recommendations
  • implementation of recommendations and solutions and assistance
  • following-up on progress.

We understand that each business is unique

We are happy to offer a bespoke service personally designed to suit your requirements and style of business.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements on a non-obligation basis.